In the last century, our world has witnessed astonishing developments. The rapid advancement of technology has led to increased convenience in transportation and communication, as well as the invention of various economic systems. Societies and social institutions have had to adapt to these new developments brought about by technology. With this new era, which is often described as “modern” and built on grandiose rhetoric, the world today is facing what could be considered the greatest crisis of meaning in history.

One of the most serious problems facing the Muslim world in the modern era is how Muslims can survive in the modern era while preserving their values. This is because past events have clearly shown that people can only continue to exist with their values, and when they lose their values, they lose their future. In modern life, Muslims need analyses that bring order to their world of faith and values in the midst of rapid change and interaction. In a world like this, the Muslim identity should be founded on the faith and values offered by Islam, and the individual and social behavior of believers should be nourished by these faith and values. In this context, building the world they live in on the basis of Islamic values is the only way for Muslims to exist in modern society with their own values.

In the latest issue of Diyanet Journal, we are pleased to present you with a subject titled “Living in the Contemporary World with Our Muslim Values”. Dr. Huseyin Ari, who stated that human beings should preserve their fitrah (nature) and stay away from all kinds of factors that may corrupt it, also presents us with the article titled “Corruption of Fitrah and Family Structure: The Ideology of Desexualization”. Additionally, in our “The World of Tomorrow” column, Seracettin Yildiz contributes an insightful article titled “Digital Age and Cryptocurrency”, exploring the implications of the digital era and the rise of cryptocurrency. Furthermore, we are delighted to feature an interview with Savas Barkcin, who shares his valuable insights on how Muslims should exist with their values in today’s world.

I would like to take this opportunity to extend my sincere congratulations to all Muslims as we embark upon the month of Ramadan. May Allah the Almighty grant us the privilege of celebrating many more eids in unity, togetherness, and solidarity. We look forward to meeting you in our next issue and wish you a pleasant time reading.